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These are the servers run and operated by OESM staff. They are free for everyone's use, all that's required is that you post your request here.

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Postby MajorFreak » Sat Jul 12, 2008 5:11 pm

I'm not sure if this belongs in another forum. i'm sort of confused about the whole free/paid/hosted whatever...haven't a clue what 'server' means but i don't think the umec forums are paid uhm...yeah, meh.

hi! uhm....why was i here? oh yes, jumpgate. right. hehe.

i'm playing eve-online. boo hiss. =p umec lads in eve-online (sadly not madcat) are complaining their forums are all buggered and diddled.

i know i haven't been keeping up on things, and i'm sure the version is sadly out of date. luckily, for you, i lost the password a while back for the FTP site so haven't been uploading any nekkid pics as of late (bad j/k)

HAVE NOT! swear!!!

so, to prevent my being lynched (cause they want to set up a group invite for beta via the forums) please fix everything all shiny and new pronto quick. my life depends on you, yet again!

i really should learn about sql shouldn't i?

so here's the url,
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