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OESM Soldier only class servers:

Postby [CD]MadMan » Mon Jun 18, 2001 11:19 am

Code of Honor is a Team Fortress Classic (TFC) Soldiers Guild that was Founded in April of 2001 by [CD]MadMan.ch^L. The purpose is to provide a place where clan members can develop their soldier skills to its fullest Potential. To accomplish this we have very skilled friendly members from several clans that are always willing to help. To facilitate the training the guild also has four OESM (9,10,16,17) servers and one or two practices a week.

A second goal of the guild is to do what it can to support the TFC soldier class community. We do this currently by keeping OESM10 (, open as a public mulch server. Additionally we lend out servers on occasion to clans and other soldier guilds. However, when it comes to the public server, there has been a problem.

I have gotten emails from OESM admins, my own guild members, and others in the community about abusive and vulgar llamas on the server. Since I can’t monitor the servers 24/7 it has been a problem that has recently gotten out of hand. So the decision has been made to lock the server out from the general population when its not being monitored. When monitored, there is a zero tolerance policy in effect. Only vulgarity tolerated is when it not overly offensive (very subjective), and clearly done in a non-serious friendly way.

In addition to the public server, the guild like to offer something to more serious soldier class players. With permission from OESM, the guild is offering two private OESM servers to players that want a llama free place to develop their soldier’s skills. The servers will rotate mulch_dm, beatdown, and battleground every 30 minutes. The servers will be available 7 days a week unless reserved by a clan or other soldier guild. Additionally, Monday 5:00 to 9:00 PM the servers will be closed so as not to interfere with a clan on the same server box that has an STA match. The only other time it may be closed is possibly on Friday and Sunday nights if the guild needs them for practice, but this is rare.

The IP for the server OESM16 is and OESM17 is If you like to run another map, map voting will be enabled. However remember these servers are soldier class only. The password to the servers is “soldier”.

You are welcome to invite friends to use the server as well. All I ask is that you play honorably and show respect for any other players that may be on the server. Please take note of the motd file when joining.

If you have an interest in the guild the web site is: code-of-honor.oesm.org. Our IRC channel is on gamesnet #cohguild.
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