Intel vs. AMD

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Intel vs. AMD

Postby DLinkOZ » Thu May 27, 2004 9:27 am

This is straight from a conversation with the head cheese for MS Server (speaking about 64bit):

"BM: So there are some things that AMD's done that Intel hasn't done, and I'm sure Intel will continue to invest here, and will do a really good job. AMD led the way on this one. There's no doubt they led the way on this one.

Paul: Right, I thought [AMD64] was going to be the orphaned [microprocessor] of the decade, the next Alpha...

BM: Oh I didn't think so. But do you know why I knew? Because of Dave.

Paul: Dave Cutler.

BM: Yeah, Dave's been all over this. Dave worked really closely with to design the chip. He was trying to get something that was really compatible and the problem that we have is that we want to support all of our applications totally. And these chips are just fantastic for that.

Paul: It's almost like applying the Microsoft model to [chip design]. The Itanium, for all its advantages, just couldn't run the installed base very well.

BM: No, not very well.

Paul: And it never will.

BM: No."

too bad, so sad about the shortcomings of the Itanium 2. Link to the whole thing is here
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