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Postby Axiom » Thu Oct 31, 2002 3:42 am

I don't know why this thread was locked, so I unlocked it.

Personally, I really want to put in my own input.

So, incase it hasn't already been said, I will say it myself.

Seph, you seriously need to check into your computer history books, way way back in the mid to late 80's.

Points to ponder.

1- Xerox. Not Apple Computer, nor Microsoft Developed the first GUI. Xerox had no idea what they had and sold both the GUI and the Mouse to Apple Computer. Steve Jobs, in his infinite wisdom, hired Microsoft to help them with the development of the GUI for the "Lisa". Because of the awkwardness of the 'contract', Microsoft was granted full use of the GUI. So they produced their own version. There was no theft. And a court upholds this fact to this very day.

2- IBM is the reason Microsoft as powerful as they are today. Not corporate theft. Not strong arm tactics. Simple fact is that IBM thought that noone would ever need a home computer. So, IBM granted Microsoft what equates to an unrestricted license to develop software for their platform. In the end, Microsoft basically screwed IBM, but IBM screwed themselves much more. Lack of vision is directly proportional to Lack of Market Share.

3- Apple Computer is in the process, at least last I read anything on it, of developing an OS to be run on the Intel Platform. Perhaps they have finally figured out that the only way to truly gain any market share back is not stay out of court and develop an OS for the most popular and cheapest platform around.

4- Bill Gates is far from a Hacker. He is also far from being a coder. He admits he hasn't written a line of code for Microsoft in eons.
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