Opinion On "Overboard"...

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Opinion On "Overboard"...

Postby [OESM]Sephiroth » Sun Feb 10, 2002 3:07 pm

OK, I've been playing with a new map idea for a while, and last night the damn thing worked. I wanna' know who thinks I went overboard.

The map is for DMC, but consists of an entire rail-system (the map is HUGE, we're talking Unreal-size) with two WORKING GP-35 Diesel-Electric Locomotives on it. The things fly (512units/sec max) and kill anything they hit unless it has the god-mode orb. The engines are life-size and provide for some intresting fighting. I haven't tested it in multiplayer, but single player frames rock (around 70 on my machine).

So does anybody think I'm crazy, or just in need of the P3/800 I'm getting soon to play TrainSim?

I'd rather be posting!
I'd rather be posting!
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