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hay Dlink

Postby Guest » Thu Jan 11, 2001 2:09 pm

tell me when u have the site stuff up just icq it to me. I will be home at 4:20 but now i am at school. =( ohh well... I also got a phone call yesturday about my SDSL and they said i will have it some time this week. =) this is great. =0 It will be running from a pll 266 and i will only be running 2 servers for now so it won't be too bad i will be experementing with the other computer trying to get linux on it and see what i can do. I might need some help though and i was wondering if you are willing to help me with redhat 7.0? I know how to install it but i will need help with how to get the DSL to work on it.


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