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Postby Guest » Tue Mar 27, 2001 6:46 pm

Just wanted to know how long does it take you to become a total computer nerd......


Postby Guest » Tue Mar 27, 2001 9:46 pm

depends on who you are...nasty was ~ 1.2 days..
I'm still working on it...



Postby Guest » Tue Mar 27, 2001 10:02 pm

dave won't admit it, but he is even nerdier than me.

To be a true computer nerd you have to know bash,korn,tcsh,csh shell commands like the back of your hand. Know that anyday Linux owns BSD and swear by your slackware file server.

You must be fluent in several languages, none of which any nationality speaks. C/C++, Perl, PHP, ASP (shudder).
Also, an overwhelming number of certifications is a must. A+, Network+, MCP, MSCE, CNA, and CCNA. Once these are under your belt, you will be a true computer nerd. Also, ipaddressing using a sliderule is a great way to be called a computer nerd.

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