Ok......read this......

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Ok......read this......

Postby Guest » Tue Mar 27, 2001 7:54 am


Things have gotten way outta hand....wayyyyyyyyy outta hand. [()WN] isn't here to cause any un-necessary trouble or ruin any POSSIBLE friendships.

WE LIKE THE OESM SERVERS......A LOT! They are good servers so we play there, yes.

Now, when I die to spam....or when I'm fighthing a guy and he KEEPS going back for health....im PROLLY gonna say...


Nothing personal, just kinda this thing outta reflex.

Last night, I was accused of cheating on Badlands....cause well...for one...I was using the name "Tru' Killa" and for some reason, some guy thought I was cheating. I dunno...he was a little slow.

Anywho, yeah, Decoy in our opinion was WRONGFULLY banned, and no matter what explanations you go through the fact still remains that this is your logic...

"Decoy did something "llama"-ish, which was actually him just killing someone...twice, but when people SPAM, the people that call the people spammers are 'punished.' Now, I dunno why anyone would stand up for spamming because it is gay...and unnecessary and DOES take away from the game."

Now it has just turned into this big bash-post on [()WN], and I don't want it to continue.

You can have your opinions just as we are allowed ours.

Thank you.



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