[SMR] trying something different with TFC

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[SMR] trying something different with TFC

Postby [OESM]NuclearMonkey » Fri Jun 21, 2002 4:58 pm

This has been done before, but not quite on this scale or with elite players. We in [SMR] are pretty bored with the same 2fort pubs running the same 30 minutes rotations with the same usual llama play.

Well, we're gonna try something a little different.

"The MeatPlow - Team [SMR]" server ( will be hosting different events for skilled players who are are bored with the same old same old. New events will be held daily ~ 12 PM EST or later in the evening along with daily pickups. To keep updated on the events please idle in #meatplow

Some of these events will include:

Spy Tranq Tournaments
2v2 Engineer Fights
Random Play Class Pickups
Regular Pickups
Knife Fights
Scout Crowbar Tournaments
Various other ones....

We are hoping to establish a group of good players who enjoy something a little more creative. Pub with us @ and idle in #meatplow and #smr and lets try something a little different!
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