Lets keep this ball rolling...

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Lets keep this ball rolling...

Postby Supafly » Thu Jun 06, 2002 9:51 am

This forum is borderline boring, comon guys! Whats everyone been up to!! I just got my DSL, its pretty f'in sweet, i havent gotten disconnected once, cept when my mom picks up the 1 and only phone in the house that doesnt have a filter. SMR (tfc clan i'm in) just started 9v9 again, we are doing pretty good, but some of our guys have somehow never played 9v9 matches, so its kinda new to them, but they are good seasoned players, and all of our guys work great as a team, so i expect we'll do good. We're in the finals for CoC, got through round 1, now we just have to beat a clan called BFD who basically stomped us, but broke alot of rules in the process.. also, we didnt have our regular players on that map, so having the people who normally play those positions might help. Whats up with everyone else?
I should get out more
I should get out more
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