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OESM.ORG Beta Testing Team

Postby Axiom » Mon Apr 15, 2002 7:00 pm

I am looking for 3 or 4 good people to help me out with beta testing the new layout and code for when I rollout the oesm.org website.

what i need:

People who can read html and find bugs in it.
People who will proof read all content to find mispelled words and poor grammar.
People who are reliable.
People who use IRC.
People who don't need to be paid for helping me test the site.

what i do not need:

A programmer to tell me to do it "this way".
A graphics artist who knows how to use every photoshop filter plus eyecandy.

All code, html and graphic design will be done by me or magoo. What I need is people to help test it all before we put it in production. The only thing I can promise you is, I will give you moderator on a section of the forum once it goes live.

If you are interested, email me @ andybenton@oesm.org or contact me in irc.gamesnet.net - #oesm-server
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