The movie Momento- Ok read this if you havent seen it but ar

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The movie Momento- Ok read this if you havent seen it but ar

Postby DeSyPhUr » Thu Jan 10, 2002 10:50 am

Has anyone seen the movie Momento? That movie is so damn twisted. Ive watched it like eight times and everytime I get a different thought on what really is going on. This is what I think:

I think Lenny, the guy who cant remember anything after the incedent, is a psycho cereal killer. The incedent with his wife really occured but I dont think she died. And Teddy, the dirty cop, is a dirty cop that steals and deals drugs, and was the second guy at the incedent...Johnny G___. Then he confronted Lenny as the cop to investigate the crime to make himself unsuspicious of the crime.

Then he takes Lenny around to different towns setting up deals and having Lenny kill these drug dealers thinking they are the Johhn G that "killed" his wife, all the while collecting the money and getting away without giving up the drugs. The parts we see in the movie is the last town Teddy could get him to do cause Lenny caught Teddy's real name... John G!! And Killed him, which you see at the beginning, seeing the movie is in reverse. The marked out lines and missing pages in the police report was Teddy's doing seeing he was the cop that gave the reports to Lenny, so Lenny couldnt figure out the whole thing right away. The cop he talks to on the phone is Teddy, I think. And Natalie really has nothing to do with the story but is there to mix up the whole big picture. She sets up Lenny because Lenny killed her BF and stoled his clothes and car. If you notice Teddy continuosly tries to get the jag from Lenny to get the money in the trunk. Then Teddy continuosly tries Lenny to leave town.

And finally, Sammy Jenkis. Remember Sammy Jenkis. This is where I get confused. It could be 2 things. 1: It could be Sammy was a con artist like Teddy said and thats is that. Or 2: it could be Lenny is really Sammy Jenkis and thats why he has remember Sammy Jenkis wrote on his hand.. so he can remember his name, but like Lenny said, over time you can program yourself to remember different things with consistancy. He programmed himself to think his name was Lenny instead of Sammy. If you watch in one scene, Lenny is talking about how Sammy got put in an institution after killing his wife on accident. Sammy is in a chair and a nurse walks in front of him between Sammy and us, the camera. When the nurse passes Sammy is now Lenny in the chair for a split second, proving to me he either is Sammy Jenkis like I said or he's turned into Sammy.

But here is the kicker. At the end of the flick, which is really the beginning of the story, Lenny asks himself if he closes his eyes does the real world still exsist and we see his thoughts. One of the things he see's is his wife laying with him rubbing his tattoo that says he did it. In the space that was empty on his chest where he was saving space for that tattoo. That just proves his wife is still alive and he knows it. The picture Teddy gives him of him all bloddy pointing to that spot on his chest proves that he killed someone else that he thought was John G. So that proves he lies to himself, like he says, to make himself happy, by killing others.

Hollar back if you think anything different than this.

I should get out more
I should get out more
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