Ever heard of the X Internet?

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Ever heard of the X Internet?

Postby [OESM]DeckonFrost-AS- » Mon Jan 07, 2002 3:37 pm

OK, I know I haven't heard much about the X internet (executable Internet)...

<a href="http://www.fastcompany.com/online/51/future_xinternet.html" target="_blank">Fast company.com

but it seems to me that these people don't realize that HTML, and Java Script CAN do these things...it's just that web masters and designers DON'T use them. Hell...put in a meta tag, and the page will reload as often and as many times as you want...

WHY do people think they need to create something new, when what exists can do what they want...

I was watching an interview on T.V. (A little segment) and she was about to wet herself in anticipation of the X net. These things exist, and are readily available. Hell, with HTML you can do the refresh meta tag, you can script a page to reload with java script...etc. It seems that someone wants to build a bigger better MORE complicated internet, inwhich the new user is screwed. ALL because users don't want to hit the reload/refresh button or hit F5...ARE WE THAT LAZY? it's a friggin' button...or a simple tag (if you are a web designer)...

well...I simply found the interview retartedly stupid...and it seemed like the woman answering the questions was completely clueless...I doubt she has ever created a web site without the help of a HTML editor....

I'm basing my ENTIRE opinion on her interview, and this article...but then again, it's the first I've heard of it...

mayhaps she missed the important stuff, and this article was written for the layperson's layperson...
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Ever heard of the X Internet?

Postby DLinkOZ » Mon Jan 07, 2002 4:41 pm

Actually, what I get out of that is... he wants to make the internet a true client/server app setup. Instead of a browser being an app that reads html data, no matter how often it refreshes, I think the point is to make it so they automatically communicate and keep data on your screen scrolling. Best analogy I can think of is a ticker for the stock markets. In a word of my own I can summarize this as "lame".
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Ever heard of the X Internet?

Postby Mr.Magoo » Mon Jan 07, 2002 9:27 pm

That's about as interesting as taking a paper bag off the shelf, unfolding it, filling it with eggs, staring at the bag full of eggs, then passing out from boredom.
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