Lag, Crashes, and Spikes (OH MY!)

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Lag, Crashes, and Spikes (OH MY!)

Postby DLinkOZ » Wed Jan 02, 2002 3:05 pm

As for lag, I've brought what I've seen to the attention of the network people and they told me they'd get it taken care of.

As for the crashes, it's my cheap and easy restart of all servers. killall hlds_run [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
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Lag, Crashes, and Spikes (OH MY!)

Postby RackDaddy » Thu Jan 03, 2002 1:17 am

I've been having problems with BAD spikes that makes everyone lag like we're all using Hayes 2400 baud modems. Pings will jump up in the MINIMUM 400 range at random times throughout the day. Generally it will go away in 5-10 minutes, but it's happening on a daily basis now.

Also, was wondering why the server "crashes" at 5:59am every day (including putting a log in the /crashes directory). Do you have it set for all of them to reboot at that time? Lately my server has had some people on during that time and ususally they don't rejoin thinking the server had gone down.

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