This just pisses me off.

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This just pisses me off.

Postby [OESM]Sephiroth » Wed Jan 02, 2002 2:44 pm

I shoulda' read this sooner! All I have to say is that the original small group of OESM rocked and did NOT cheat! We had one guy who tried hacking DLink's server and messing with the MOTD, but other than that the clan pwned, even though we weren't the best. I remember when we got a few newer players after we'd been on a ladder (OGL) for a while, and I remember the first two I thought were too good to be real, but I was wrong *Looks at the two brothers*. Then came a few others and I suspected three of them of cheating, and it seems I was right about two of em'. Anyways OESM itself fucking ownz, but there'll always be some a$$holes who'll try to mess it up for everybody. I personally think that if a player is caught using a cheat/hack, they should be reported to WON and banned from WON itself, first time for a few hours, then a few days, then permanently. See if the f*cking cheaters get a nut off trying to cheat on their little siblings.
I'd rather be posting!
I'd rather be posting!
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This just pisses me off.

Postby DeSyPhUr » Wed Jan 02, 2002 9:41 pm

started a new topic
I should get out more
I should get out more
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This just pisses me off.

Postby Supafly » Thu Jan 03, 2002 1:51 am

nasty, i'mnot sure if u meant it this way, but u sound like you think out clan is full of hackers. EVERY clan nowadays has set-backs becuase of hackers, but when i found out that acid and zombieboy hacked, they were banned from the server and thrown out of the clan, no questions asked. We are not a hacking clan, we do not support hacking (to say the least), and if i ever find out that anyone else in our clan hacks, they will no longer exist to me and my friends in the clan.
I should get out more
I should get out more
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