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For Desyphur

Postby DLinkOZ » Fri Dec 14, 2001 5:31 pm

Be proud, but please go check the stats again. I've hidden you from view on the ranking tables. Shame, you were number 10. But being a cheater... no, a proud cheater gets you removed.
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For Desyphur

Postby DeSyPhUr » Sun Dec 16, 2001 3:46 am

why the hell does everyone think i cheat...Im not sure but im not on the wall o shame and i didnt get banned from OESM server like others did. Hig and Fuku i had a feeling you guys haxed but i didnt care you guys were my friends so i didnt pay to much attention. Well whatever you guys, I dont hack its something called skill and if you get back to me and re-install CS to get rid of your hax you will be unbanned Hig and Fuku cause we are still friends. But you cannot just get rid of your hax you have to delete and reinstall HL/CS Hollar back in here or 133872608-ICQ orDeSyPhUr99-AIM or Bigshink99-yahoomessenger
I should get out more
I should get out more
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