Please help on OESM6...

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Please help on OESM6...

Postby DLinkOZ » Thu Nov 01, 2001 2:28 pm

As for you specifically, here are the last few lines of my trace from me to you:

15 ( 62.886 ms 58.673 ms 58.263 ms
16 ( 68.870 ms 67.083 ms 67.828 ms
17 ( 815.053 ms 924.391 ms 249.990 ms

Shows a big problem at the end there. If you can give me IP's of people, I'll check them out (your route into the server is different than the route out, so it can cause a bit confusing).

As for the mail server not responding, we've been posting news about DNS changes, and which services it would effect.
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